Grade 3 Deadbolt Locks (Single and Double Cylinder)

D108, D208 Series

  • Adjustable door thickness 1-3/8" to 1-3/4"
  • Adjustable backset 2-3/8" to 2-3/4"
  • Schlage, Weiser and Kwikset keyways
  • Available keyed different (KD), keyed alike in pairs (KA2) and Master-keyed (MK)
  • 1" Throw deadbolt
  • Square corner latch plate and deadbolt strike
  • Limited 1 year mechanical warranty
Grade 3 Deadbolts
MFG# Keyway Description Finish
D108-605-SC4 SC4 Single cylinder Brass
D108-630-SC4 SC4 Single cylinder Stainless Steel
D108-PVD-SC4 SC4 Single cylinder Bright Brass-Lifetime
D108-619-SC4 SC4 Single cylinder Satin Nickel
D108-620-SC4 SC4 Single cylinder Antique Nickel
D108-605-WE WE Single cylinder Brass
D108-630-WE WE Single cylinder Stainless Steel
D108-PVD-WE WE Single cylinder Bright Brass-Lifetime
D108-619-WE WE Single cylinder Satin Nickel
D108-620-WE WE Single cylinder Antique Nickel
D108-609-WE WE Single cylinder Antique Brass
D108-605-WE-KA2 WE Single cylinder, Keyed alike in pairs Brass
D108-630-WE-KA2 WE Single cylinder, Keyed alike in pairs Stainless Steel
D108-630-KW-KA2 KW Single cylinder, Keyed alike in pairs Stainless Steel
D108-605-WE-MK1 WE Single cylinder, Master keyed Brass
D108-630-WE-MK1 WE Single cylinder, Master keyed Stainless Steel
D208-605-WE WE Double cylinder Brass
D208-605-SC1 SC1 Double cylinder Brass
D208-609-WE WE Double cylinder Antique Brass
D208-609-SC1 SC1 Double cylinder Antique Brass
D208-630-WE WE Double cylinder Stainless Steel
D208-630-SC1 SC1 Double cylinder Stainless Steel