Grade 2 Knob Locks

600 Series

  • U.L. listed 2-3/4" deadlatch
  • Popular Orbit design
  • 6 pin "C" Keyway and Weiser Keyway
  • Will accept most after market cylinders
  • 2-3/8" and 2-3/4" Backset latches available
  • 3" Diameter Rose
  • Limited 1 year mechanical warranty
Grade Two 600 Series Knob Locks
MFG# Keyway Description Finish
610S-BALL-605-2-3/4 - Passage set Brass
610S-BALL-605-2-3/8 - Passage set Brass
610S-BALL-630-2-3/4 - Passage set Stainless Steel
610S-BALL-630-2-3/8 - Passage set Stainless Steel
640S-BALL-605-2-3/4 - Privacy set Brass 
640S-BALL-630-2-3/4 - Privacy set Stainless Steel
640S-BALL-630-2-3/4 - Exit Lock set (89A Function) Stainless Steel
653LC-BALL-630-2-3/4 L/C Entrance set, less cylinder  Stainless Steel
653PD-BALL-605-2-3/4 SC4 Entrance set Brass
653PD-BALL-605-2-3/4 WE Entrance set Brass
653PD-BALL-630-2-3/4 SC4 Entrance set Stainless Steel
653PD-BALL-630-2-3/8 SC4 Entrance set Stainless Steel
653PD-BALL-630-2-3/4 WE Entrance set Stainless Steel
670LC-BALL-630-2-3/4 L/C Classroom set, less cylinder  Stainless Steel
670PD-BALL-630-2-3/4 SC4 Classroom set Stainless Steel
670PD-BALL-630-2-3/4 WE Classroom set Stainless Steel
680PD-BALL-605-2-3/4 SC4 Storeroom set Brass
680PD-BALL-605-2-3/4 WE Storeroom set Brass
680LC-BALL-630-2-3/4 L/C Storeroom set, less cylinder Stainless Steel
680PD-BALL-630-2-3/4 SC4 Storeroom set Stainless Steel
680PD-BALL-630-2-3/4 WE Storeroom set Stainless Steel
682PD-BALL-630-2-3/4 SC4 Institution set Stainless Steel