UCA Proprietary Keyway

  • Key Control keyway developed for the Locksmith Trade
  • Sold only to Locksmiths and Regionally restricted
  • Neuter Bow Head
  • Uses HPC Code Card #C108H
  • Mortise cylinders are supplied with Adams Rite and Standard Cam
UCA Proprietary
MFG# Description Finish
UCA-5-N.S Neuter Head 5 Pin key blanks (box of 50) Brass
UCA-6-N.S Neuter Head 6 Pin key blanks (box of 50) Brass
7165UCA2-26D-KA2-A1 1” Mortise cylinder Satin Chrome
7185UCA2-03-KA2-A1 1-1/8” Mortise cylinder Brass
7185UCA2-26D-KA2-A1 1-1/8” Mortise cylinder Satin Chrome
7185UCA2-46-KA2-A1 1-1/8” Mortise cylinder Duronodic
7015UCA8-26D-KA2-A1 Rim cylinder Satin Chrome
7015UCA-46-KA2-A1 Rim cylinder Duronodic
15995UCA-04-OB-A Key-in-knob/Deadbolt cylinder Dull Brass
15995UCA-26D-OB-A Key-in-knob/Deadbolt cylinder  Satin Chrome