Camera Accessories

Wallmount Bracket For Turret Camera

Jovan # Part # Description
418-850 UC-273ZJ-130 Wallmount bracket for turret camera, outdoor

Wallmount Bracket For Fixed Dome Camera

Jovan # Part # Description
418-860 UC-272ZJ-110B Wall mount bracket for fixed dome camera, outdoor

Junction Box For Dome Camera

Jovan # Part # Description
418-870 UC-ZJ-DM18 Junction box for dome camera

Junction Box For Bullet Camera

Jovan # Part # Description
418-880 UC-260ZJ Junction box for bullet camera

Junction Box For Turret Camera

Jovan # Part # Description
418-890 UC-280ZJ-DM20 Junction box for turret camera

TVI Balun With Pigtail

  • To send HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD signal 720p at 300M, 1080p at 200M over UTP cable
  • BNC male to screw terminal with 10cm mini coax cable for easy connection
  • Compact and mini size, could mount multiple units behind multiplexer, Quad, DVR etc.
  • Passive, no power required
  • Eliminate coaxial cable
  • To work with Active transmitter TTA111HDT, Active receiver TTA111HDR for extra long distance transmission
Jovan # Part # Description
418-910 UC-HDL TVI Balun with pigtail, Pair