Grade 1 Lever Locks

USL100 Series

  • Adjustable Door Thickness up to 2"
  • Removable outer thru-bolting
  • Clutch / Non-clutch mechanism
  • Interior Push and Turn Button*
  • Accepts most manufacturers aftermarket cylinders
  • Accepts 6 & 7 pin SFIC-Core cylinders
  • 6 pin "C" Keyway
  • ADA Approved
  • ANSI Strike
  • 3 Hour UL listed 2-3/4" latch
  • 3-1/2" Diameter Rose
  • Limited 1 year mechanical warranty
* Intruder lock is designed to be locked from either side of the door using a key, locking the outside lever.
  The inside lever is always active for immediate egress.

USL100 Lever Lock   USL100 Lever Lock
Jovan # Part # Keyway Description Finish
729-336 USL110S-626-2-3/4 - Passage set Satin Chrome
737-465 USL140S-626-2-3/4 - Privacy set Satin Chrome
747-735 USL150D-626-2-3/4 SC4 Entrance set Satin Chrome
747-750 USL150D-IC-626-2-3/4 L/C Entrance set, I/C Less Core Satin Chrome
750-383 USL173D-626-2-3/4 SC4 Intruder classroom set Satin Chrome
750-384 USL173D-C-IC-626-2-3/4 L/C Intruder classroom set with clutch, I/C Less Core Satin Chrome
750-387 USL170D-626-2-3/4 SC4 Classroom set Satin Chrome
756-140 USL180D-626-2-3/4 SC4 Storeroom set Satin Chrome
756-137 USL180D-C-IC-626-2-3/4 L/C Storeroom set with clutch, I/C Less Core Satin Chrome